Sunday, 16 June 2019
By Dr.A.Gaeini

Pork Meat Vs. Poultry Meat:This is the problem

The outbreak of African swine fever that is ravaging China's pig farmers is sending shock waves through Asia's market for imported Poultry meat.


According to USDA Report , China's swine herd numbered 440 million head in 2018 , or 60% of the world total. China produces around 54 million tons of pork annually, almost all of which is consumed domestically .

The pork industry, is bracing for a long struggle. To increase the number of pigs in China, farmers have to start by raising sows, which takes a year.

Meanwhile , Poultry is the main substitute for pork, and poultry prices have already responded to the situation as they have been rising for a while," said Rabobank's .

After the outbreak of swine fever in this country and dissemination of a large population of pigs , although Chinese shoppers hope to use poultry meat as an affordable alternative to pork , they disappointed Because of short supply , industry insiders said .

Poultry imports from the United States and France have been banned in China since 2016 in the wake of a bird flu outbreak in those countries in December 2014 . China has faced a chicken shortage since 2016 and the scarcity could get worse this year, driving up the price of chicken meat in the months ahead .

prices for chicken imported from Thailand and Brazil have climbed 15% to 20% over the past few months and they face a battle with Chinese buyers - importers said .

we have to wait and see , how China will solve this new problem !


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