Sunday, 16 June 2019

Planning of the Russian Federation for Chinese Poultry meat markets

The African Swine fever has become a major contributor to the Russian Federation to achieve chicken meat export markets.


Some analysts believe that China may, under certain conditions, lose up to 30% of breeding pigs and in such circumstances, market doors will be opened to enter options such as chicken meat. 

Under such conditions, Russia, as the sixth chicken meat producer in the world, can meet part of China's needs. The Russian National Meat Association has announced its readiness to send tens of thousands of tons of chicken meat to China over the coming years.

So it's for the first time that Russia will export chicken meat to China since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

According to the US Department of Agriculture forecasts, chicken imports to China will increase by 68 percent, up to 575,000 tons this year.

Eventually, Russian poultry industry managers believe that, given the actions taken over the past twenty years, the country has the ability to become an important player in the global poultry market.

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