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The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced this a few hours ago citing the decision of the cabinet.
The ministry said in a statement that the tariffs have changed based on requests from individual US soybean businesses.
The measures will be followed by China imposing a 25 percent tariff on US soybeans in July 2018, in a move that contradicts Washington's tariffs.
Commentators believe the Chinese are trying to implement the first phase of a temporary trade war agreement between the two countries.

More than a thousand Armenian families who cannot compete in the competitive labor market will be supported by the government.

Sales of meat and poultry in the Republic of Azerbaijan is exempt from tax.

The UAE government will expand its trade relations with Ethiopia in various fields of agriculture and poultry industry.

Singapore's PoultryHub project will receive $ 40 million to launch its smart product line.

Qatar is trying to send surplus production to export markets after self-sufficiency in poultry products.

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