Sunday, 16 June 2019
By paoz

A review on Zambia's Poultry Productions on March 2019

The prices for the frozen chicken remained sticky for the whole month of march 2019.

The average price for the whole frozen chicken in Lusaka is still trading at about ZMK 20.98 same as the price recorded at the beginning of the month. The lowest price in some chain stores is still trading at ZMK17.99 per kg while the highest is trading at ZMK27.25 per kg. The chicken sizes are ranging between 1.3kg to 1.7kg in different stores.

Please note that the prices are obtained from Pick n Pay,Shoprite, Zambeef, Melisa supermarket and Cheers Stores. Different outlets have different pricing models hence the figures displayed is an average price for all the sampled chainstores. It should also be noted that these are Lusaka prices only .

The prices for the point of lay registered no movements during the course of the week. The average price is still ranging between ZMK70 to ZMK84 per bird depending on the supplier. Some of the major suppliers of point of lay include but not limited to the following companies Yielding Tree, Great Gowen, Base Farms, Cholimba, and Zambeef among others. For the beginners who are interested in getting battery cages, cage price ranges between ZMK2700 to ZMK8000 depending on the capacity and also the sources of the cages.

The egg prices in the domestic market remained unchanged in the month of March 2019. The retail prices in markets that are operating within Lusaka averages between ZMK 26.45 to ZMK28.46 per tray for large eggs, and medium eggs while smaller eggs are trading between ZMK23 and ZMK24 farm gate price. No change on the prices of pullet eggs which are still trading between ZMK18 and ZMK20 per tray. For the month of March the prices have started on a high note averaging ZMK26.52 and 28.45 for farm gate and retail prices respectively. Further, retail prices in some Chainstores have also remained unchanged, averaging between ZMK32 to ZMK35 per tray of 30 eggs depending on the supplier and packaging.

The national average prices for broiler and layer feeds posted some slight changed during the month of march .Broiler starter trade on avarage price of ZMK256.11 at the beginning of march and now trading at ZMK 252.39. this represents a 1.45% reduction in prices Broiler Grower avaraged at ZMK243.37 from ZMK 248.29 at the beginning of the month of March 2019. Broiler finisher averaged ZMK239.37 from ZMK 234.44 at the beginning of the month. In the sameway, the layer feed prices have been adjusted upwards. For those compunding their ownfeed, ingredients prices have also been going up with maize bran, sunflower cake, soyacake as well as fishmeal registered some increaments.

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