Sunday, 26 May 2019

Global Demand For poultry meat on the rise

In recent quarters , the global poultry market has gone through one of the most volatile periods in many years, due to a combination of factors, including trade and disease restrictions, along with the impact of the US-Chinese trade war.


In china , pork is the principal source of dietary protein But more than a million hogs have been culled in East Asia since the disease first appeared in August and Chinese pork production may decline about 30 percent in 2019 because of the virus . a drop of that size would be roughly the same as Europe’s entire annual pork supply .

Therefore Chinese consumers will have to eat less pork and turn to other kinds of meat, like poultry, beef, fish and "alternative proteins .

And that’s a big reason for Meat prices likely to rise because of a global shortages caused by deadly African swine fever that’s sweeping across China and other countries .

In this situation , trade conditions are gradually improving for global poultry thanks to rising global demand – especially from China, which is expected to face a protein shortage this year .

Trade will also be impacted by the ongoing EU-Brazil and Saudi-Brazil trade restrictions, which are impacting breast meat and whole bird prices and A potential US-Chinese trade agreement that re-opens US chicken exports might shake up trade .

This would be bullish for both local production and global trade .


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