Sunday, 26 May 2019

Russian Poultry Production Down

The growth rate of Russia’s poultry industry in 2018 was the lowest in the past 20 years, with dozens of companies going bankrupt due to avian influenza (AI), rising costs and extremely low profitability .


The Country produced 1.15 million tons of poultry meat in the first quarter of 2019, 6.2% down on the same period of the previous year .

In January 2019, poultry production in Russia shrank by 3.8% compared to the same month the previous year to 502,000t, official data shows.

An oversaturated domestic market and a series of bankruptcies in the segment contributed to the decline Poultry production in Russia had been in growth for nearly two decades consecutively, driven primarily by state aid and import replacements, but there appeared to be no room for further development

The country produced 6.7 million tons (t) of poultry in live weight last year, 0.7% up on the previous year, according to Russia’s state statistical service Rosstat. This was the lowest growth rate for the past two decades.

The world’s 2019 average rate is 16.2 kg per capita, and current production in Russia was already equal to domestic demand .

The growing tension in Russia’s poultry industry could be partly eased by higher export sales. Just recently, Russian agricultural holding Miratorg began exporting poultry meat to China, and other major meat manufacturers are also working hard to expand their overseas sales.


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