Sunday, 16 June 2019

The “Taiwan Agriproducts Export Platform” has substantial success at Foodex Japan 2019

For the first time, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has organized a “Taiwan Pavilion” for Taiwanese firms to participate collectively in Foodex Japan 2019.


The total amount of orders received in the first three days of the event was NT$70.17 millionThe COA states that for participation in this year’s exhibition, they formed a “Team Taiwan” in cooperation with city and county governments, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan’s overseas representative offices, farmers associations, industry groups, and trading companies, for the collective promotion of exports. This is the best example to date of the “Taiwan Agriproducts Export Platform” being promoted by the COA. It is hoped that by following this model, along with stabilizing the quality and volume of export products and upgrading the technology for the post-harvest cold chain and transport of agriproducts, exports of these products from Taiwan can increase by 10% to reach the target of NT$180 billion.

Business people from around the world attending the exhibition were full of praise for Taiwan’s high quality agricultural and processed food products. In the first three days of the exhibition there were discussions with about 600 businesses in all, while the total amount of orders received reached NT$70.17 million. Exhibited products, including carrots, frozen sugar apples, jujube, edamame, giant grouper, sea bass, mullet roe, abalone, tuna, and steamed buns with barbequed pork, all had considerable success.

The adoption of a “national team” mentality at the first-ever “Taiwan Pavilion” organized at a Foodex Japan food show demonstrates the operational success of the “Taiwan Agriproducts Export Platform.” The COA has stated that in the future it will use this platform to continue to consolidate traditional export markets in places like mainland China, Japan, and the United States, while pioneering newly rising markets in places such as New Southbound Policy partner countries, Muslim communities, and the Middle East. This will allow consumers from even more countries to enjoy high-quality and safe Taiwan agriproducts, and will usher in a new era for exports of these products.


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