Sunday, 16 June 2019

Poultry has food security story to tell on World Poultry Day

Food security is a big issue on World Poultry Day as pork production continues to fall due to African swine fever in pigs in China while poultry is expected to fill the gap in world protein supplies.


The International Poultry Council (IPC) has called on producers around the world to explain the role of chicken meat in food security and nutritional stability around the world on World Poultry Day.

The council has invited all Activists to be active in the annual celebration of this sector around the world and to raise information on the potential role of chicken meat in providing food security to communities.

According to published analyzes, total chicken meat production worldwide has increased over the year 2019. However, published data suggested that by 2050, the production of this sector should grow to 70% in order to meet the demand for efficient and sustainable customers.

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