Sunday, 16 June 2019

Ukraine is trying to increase its poultry Feed production

In 2018, Ukraine harvested a record 70 million tonnes of grain.


the country has exported most of its own grain production over the past years. But now it seems that the country's poultry industry managers are trying to create a new opportunity by turning these Grains into poultry feeds and exporting them to markets like the European Union and the Middle East.

According to official statistics,Feed production in Ukraine has slowed down in recent years. This drop in production was due to various factors such as reducing the income of people and armed conflicts, especially in the eastern part of the country and in the Crimea, and the destruction of feed Factories.

According to official statistics, the government has granted a $ 145 million subsidy to the poultry industry over the past year and is aiming to increase poultry feed production in various ways and companies are working to increase the production efficiency by producing advanced components of soybean to reduce the costs of poultry production, encourage farmers to buy poultry feed.

Ukraine exports its poultry products to more than 60 countries in the world.

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