Sunday, 16 June 2019

German Federal Court Will decide Mass killing of male chickens

The German Federal Court in Leipzig will decide this week whether to continue allowing the mass killing of millions of newborn male chickens. 


45 to 50 million male chicken annually are being killed in Germany due to a lack of economic justification for their culling.

Researchers at the German Agriculture Ministry are trying to develop methods for determining the sex of these birds during fetal development, which can be used in industrial dimensions.

Earlier, in the 2016 Court of Münster’s, was confirmed the killing of these birds because of what was called "non-justification of the economy".

In the same way, a process called “Seleggt” has recently been introduced that can address the needs of this sector. In this method, a small hole was created in the eggshell, and with using the fluid in egg, the system determines the sex of the chicken with a confidence of 98%.

Eggs that underwent the Seleggt process are available in 223 stores in Berlin that are owned by the REWE Group supermarket chain for animals feed. 

The researchers hope that these products will be easily identified by 2020 using the BlockChain process to better track these eggs.

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