Sunday, 16 June 2019

Indian poultry industry needs product processing factories

The commentators believe that traditional Poultry production systems could lead to a decline in production.


According to official statistics, there are 8,000 registered slaughterhouses and over 20,000 illegal ones in the country.

India has a large population and effective utilization of these resources including the production and operation of poultry products is crucial in increasing productivity and maintaining productive activities. Over the past five decades, the country has witnessed various revolutions that affected the poultry industry.

Although India produces a significant amount of poultry meat, it lacks sufficient capacity in the processing sector, and under the current scenario, there is a wide range of investments in this sector. Indeed, the progress of the poultry industry will depend on the development of this sector.

In recent years, demand for processed poultry products from hotels, fast food chains, and urban consumers has increased.

More than 65% of the populations of India are under 35 and most of them are social media users and the health of their poultry products is so important. An issue has led to an increase in the overall popularity of packaged and processed products.

The country currently exports poultry products to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar.


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