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Belarusian agricultural exports grew by more than 4%.

Russia's largest chicken meat producer will participate in the Russia-Saudi Investment Forum.

Japan lifts ban on imports of poultry meat from Bulgaria.

Thursday, 17 October 2019 00:00

Russian flight to African poultry market

It looks like Russia is trying to create the market for its poultry products on the African continent.

The new wave of movements in the African continent has made it clear to commentators that the country will eventually exploit the vacuum created by relations between some African powers and Western governments and seek to use economic and financial means. A variety of non-economic penetration of this market.

it may seem a bit difficult to gauge its influence in the African poultry market, but evidence suggests that Russia has focused its investment in a number of customers of high strategic importance. perhaps this may be the answer, ten years later, to the country's financial investment in these areas. Some believe that using this relatively low-cost strategy will greatly increase its influence in the West African poultry market.

Therefore, Russia's resurgence of trade in Africa seems to be a serious attempt at restoring the relations it lost when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Now you have to wait and see if this country will reach its desired market in the Africa continent's poultry industry.


The German company-ABP has succeeded in designing and producing a new packaging for animal protein products that reduces up to 70% of the use of plastic materials in the industry.

British health and veterinary authorities appear to have warned poultry producers about the risk of bird flu with the start of the cold season.

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