Is the amount of soy protein in Brazil reduced?

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It seems that the amount of protein in Brazil's soybean production has fallen.


Some believe that this reduction in protein levels in the product could be a serious problem for Brazilian exporters since the sale of this product has been accompanied by stringent contracts that provide quality assurance.

The government's research department has reported the protein content of its soybean product, up to 37.4% and declaring that annual changes in the protein content of its soybean product are not statistically significant.

Meanwhile, some market analysts said the Brazilians were forced to cut sales of the product to China during the week because of the fear of lowering the protein content of soybeans.

China has increasingly relied on imports of soy from Brazil since the last year, following the trade war with the United States.

It is anticipated that the incident will slow down the purchase of China from Brazil and achieve a more important role by Argentina.

Finally, it seems that Americans, unlike the increase in the quality of their product, can’t play a significant role in the Chinese consumer market in this strategic product.

China currently buys more than 80 percent of Brazil’s soybean production.


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