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Corn crop productivity increased in the US

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Environmental changes, which are considered destructive in most parts of the world, appear to have increased Americans' productivity of corn.

US researchers have found that although the global average temperature has risen by more than 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit over the past year, the US corn planting belt that is one of the most consumed agricultural areas in the world,Has experienced a decrease in temperature over the past summer.
According to the researchers, lowering the temperature, coupled with increased rainfall, has improved corn yields by up to 10%.
However, according to the results of the studies, the greatest increase in corn yield during the 20th century was due to the development of genetics and increased application of fertilizers and improved farming methods.
It should be noted that lowering the temperature will slow down the growth of corn and prolong the time of maturity, making the seeds of this plant larger in size.
The full results of this study are published in the journal of Environmental Research.

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