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The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced this a few hours ago citing the decision of the cabinet.
The ministry said in a statement that the tariffs have changed based on requests from individual US soybean businesses.
The measures will be followed by China imposing a 25 percent tariff on US soybeans in July 2018, in a move that contradicts Washington's tariffs.
Commentators believe the Chinese are trying to implement the first phase of a temporary trade war agreement between the two countries.

The Brazilian minister of agriculture met with ambassadors of Arab countries in the during a meetinh.
The event, organized by the Kuwaiti embassy in Brazil, was attended by Brazilian Minister of Agriculture Teresa Cristina, accompanied by the ministry's Secretary of Commerce and International Relations Erlando Light Ribeiro.
Topics discussed at the meeting included Brazil's relations with the Arab Gulf countries, how to boost economic, trade, investment exchanges, and ideas on how to boost trade in agriculture.
The meeting was attended by officials from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.
Exports of Brazilian commercial products to all Arab countries reached $ 6.8 billion, representing 2.1% growth. Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab country importing goods from Brazil, followed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

The microorganism is still among the most important pathogens in these societies, according to a report released by the FDA.

More than a thousand Armenian families who cannot compete in the competitive labor market will be supported by the government.

Sales of meat and poultry in the Republic of Azerbaijan is exempt from tax.

The effects of the plastic particles found on Tyson Foods' production nuggets still seem to continue for the company.

The UAE government will expand its trade relations with Ethiopia in various fields of agriculture and poultry industry.

The Chinese are trying to expand their trade unprecedentedly in order to provide their citizens with animal protein to overcome the crisis and spread of African swine fever.

Commentators estimate that the country has accelerated its extensive efforts in recent weeks. The issue has taken on new dimensions as a result of revealing the depth of the catastrophe in food security.

Meanwhile, changing the diet of public places and schools in the country from pork to chicken has been on the agenda.

Although during the early months of the outbreak in China, Chinese producers provided a large portion of the market by supplying their frozen products, but the country's pig population declined from 320 million to 190 million and a 54 percent drop in slaughter volume. The sector has dealt a blow to the country's industry.

Brazil has become one of the major importers of protein and soy products to China in recent months, following the US-China trade dispute. Official statistics show that beef exports from Brazil to China increased by 23% in the first ten months of 2019.

Finally, commentators believe that, despite Americans' optimism about improving the Chinese side's purchase of the poultry market, the Chinese will continue to issue import licenses to poultry processing plants in Brazil.

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