Sunday, 16 June 2019

The vague future of the free Range poultry industry in the UK

The researches have proven that the consumption of chicken and eggs produced in free Range systems in the UK has increased continuously over the course of the past ten years.


The consumption of eggs produced in free-range systems in the UK has increased by 5 to 6 percent over the past four to five years, and Interpreters suggest continued demand. However, the growth rate of production in this sector has been increasing since 2016 and has grown by more than 12% in the past three years. The issue that can be transformed into a surplus of production in this sector and cause Reduced prices of products.

But in the meantime, some farmers, especially those established with bank grants, are concerned about their own production conditions after Brexit. Especially that contracts with the manufacturers of this product are mainly based on product warranties and there is no fixed price that can be risky for them.

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