Sunday, 16 June 2019

The market demand for polystyrene ( PS ) in South America is expected to increase by 4.70% by 2023.

the poultry industry of Zambia has created over 83,000 direct jobs in the last 10 years .

Hajigabul Gushchulug, a poultry factory in Azerbaijan's Hajigabul district, has started exporting eggs to Qatar, a source at the company told Trend.

By Mirsaid Ibrahimzade

Today Azerbaijan produces eggs in sufficient quantity and domestic demand is being fully met. Moreover, the country is currently in intensive search of foreign markets for export.

By Alex Black

The egg industry has raised concerns the UK could be flooded with products produced in battery systems after the Government refused to confirm protection on eggs and egg products.

By Yu Hsiao-han

An official from the Council of Agriculture (COA) said Saturday that the council is looking to shorten the time for fipronil testing to one week after authorities revealed Friday that over 27,000 tainted eggs reached the market since late January.