Sunday, 16 June 2019

114.88 Thousand Tons of Poultry Meat Was Produced in Bulgaria in 2018

The European Union has produced 15.2 million tonnes of poultry meat in 2018, a new historic highlight. This represents a cumulative increase of about a quarter or 3.2 million tonnes since 2010, Eurostat data show.


In 2018, around 70% of poultry production in the EU was produced in only six Member States: most in Poland (16.8%), followed by the United Kingdom (12.9%), France (11 , 4%), Spain (10.7%), Germany (10.4%) and Italy (8.5% (

Last year 114.88 thousand tons of poultry meat was produced in Bulgaria, an increase of nearly 11 thousand tons compared to the previous year.

Although only within a year the production in our country has increased by 10.5%, Bulgaria remains at one of the last places with only 0.76% of the total EU poultry meat production, writes

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