Sunday, 16 June 2019

Concerns about chlorinated chicken entering UK after Brexit

Fears over chlorinated chicken entering the UK after Brexit has been dismissed as "unfounded" by a senior US official.


Recently, the director of foreign agricultural services, Ken Isley, has defied EU food standards as "old-fashioned" and has defended the use of various chemicals in the chicken meat Process industry in the United States.

He believes that American food standards are more advanced and modernized than the European Union, the EU's approach is old and based on tradition and is not based on modern science and technology.

according to published figures, food poisoning in the United States is 10 times higher than in the United Kingdom.

Critics of the use of chlorine and other materials believe that the use of these compounds by Americans is a disappointing attempt to change the American health standards during the Slaughtering process.

Some believe that Brexit is an opportunity to design food and agriculture policy at the highest standards of production and this process should not be the victim of trade facilitation.

The National Union of Farmers of England, urging the government about the standards of food safety imported into the country.


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