Monday, 22 April 2019

آخرین عناوین استانها

By Abhishek Budholiya

Frozen food is an excellent alternative to fresh and cooked foods. Convenience is the major factor driving the Frozen Food Market.

By Amanda Radke

Cell-cultured proteins. Lab meats. Fake meats. Petri-dish patties. Whatever you want to call them — they are a hot topic of discussions these days.

By Francisco Turra

Protectionist urges motivated by commercial ambitions are offensive, coming from a partner nation.

By Jenna Miller, Salisbury Daily Times

The poultry industry is an important part of the Eastern Shore economy, but the growing market has led to some clashes with locals.

By Josh Barrie - inews

For years, Europe’s meat consumption has been happily idiosyncratic: where Britain eats chicken breast by the nugget-load, many of our Continental cousins prefer darker meat from the thigh;

By Charmain Lines

The question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, might not have a simple answer, but the 80/20 principle is simple: direct your efforts to the 20% that contributes 80% of the desired outcome.

By Tom Sanders

It’s hard to keep up with the message on eggs. Are they good for you or not? In the 1960s, people were told: “Go to work on an egg”. But in the 1970s the public was advised to avoid eggs because they were linked to high blood cholesterol. The negative press on eggs continued in the 1980s when raw eggs were linked to salmonella poisoning.

By Hadi Fathallah

As military activity in Syria winds down, likely resumption of agricultural trade will in turn improve the outlook for food security.

By Judy Twigg

The current conversation about Russia sanctions centers around targeting and scope. Are we punishing the people whose behavior we most want to change?

By Arbab Sikandar

Poultry industry in Pakistan has deep roots and it can now stand against any challenge that was not the case a few decades ago. Now the question is how poultry Industry came to its present size and conditions let’s have a look.

By Benjamin Mueller

On his poultry operation outside Manchester, England, Michael Bailey used to raise turkeys and sell them at Christmastime. The whole bird.

By Austin Stoltzfus

Neighboring the Republic of Congo and home to a population of more than 1.7 million people, Gabon is one of the more economically successful countries in Africa thanks to its mass production of cash crops.