Sunday, 26 May 2019
By Katherine Willis

Fishmeal Market Size, Forthcoming Developments, Business Opportunities, Market Upside and Future Investments

latest Fishmeal market share and competition analysis report – made available by Industry. provides key vendor profiles, Fishmeal market technological progress, development trends, emerging opportunities and growth prospects of Fishmeal market for the period of 2019 to 2025.


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Fishmeal is an excellent high protein feed ingredient. It is a brown powder or cake has been obtained by removing most of the water and some or all of the oil from fish or fish waste. It is an excellent source of protein, lipids (oils), minerals, and vitamins. It is used primarily in diets for aquaculture systems, domestic animals, sometimes used as a high-quality organic fertilizer.

Currently, the worlds largest fishmeal manufacturing area is still in Peru, but in recent years, Perus fishmeal production dropped significantly, resulting in a tight supply market in recent years. But also led to the global fish meal prices up. By the end of 2014, the worlds fish meal price is about 1545USD / MT. But with the 2015 production rose in Peru area will alleviate this condition. There will be price decline too.

The worlds largest consumer market in China and Asia, which along with China regional economic development, rising demand for fish meal, so China needs to import a large amount of fish each year, according to Chinese customs data show that in 2014 China imported a total of fishmeal 1340K MT of which about 80% comes from Peru. Thus Peruvian fishmeal production is largely affected Chinas fish market.

Although China is the worlds largest fish consumer market, but production in China has been low, but serious excess capacity, mainly because fisheries in China surrounding seas is far from ideal status, thus leading to the operating rate in China on the serious shortage of fish meal production.

At present, China manufacturing technology still has a great lack of high-end fish meal, which is a Chinese big problem to development factors.

The next few years, if not encountered intense natural disasters, the global fish market does not appear large fluctuations , Chinas self-sufficiency rate will continue to increase.

Although the market is not clear in the coming years, but due to the profit in fishmeal industry is pretty good, while the global demand is relatively stable, the group is optimistic about this industry.


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